Dr.Oetker Vitalis

Director: Job van As
Client: BBDO Germany
Production company: Twin film
VFX: Schonheitsfarm

Edit on location in Madrid and in my edit studio in Amsterdam, viewed in Dusseldorf on remote edit.

Making off DR Vitalis from Jelmar Hoekstra on Vimeo.

High speed food action for the new Dr.Oetker Vitalis commercial

For the new Dr.Oetker vitals commercial i did some editing on shoot in Madrid Spain together with director Job van As.

Using the high-speed Phantom camera in combination with the Bolt arm there where some really nice food shots created and we did the first food sequence edits on location to see how things would work out during this process.

We continued our edit in my studio in Amsterdam and did the final presentation for BBDO en Dr.Oetker at Schonheitsfarm post production in Dusseldorf Germany (www.s-farm.de).

See here (video above) the making off of that day in Madrid.